Butte 4-C’s is a non-profit regional child care resource and referral agency serving children, families, and early childhood professionals in southwest Montana. We became a 501 (c) 3 organization over 45 years ago in June of 1974. Although child care resource and referral is our primary source of business, our organization provides a broad range of programs and services to meet the increasing needs of children and families.



Mission Statement: Butte 4-C’s is dedicated to strengthening families, supporting early childhood professionals, and promoting high quality, affordable child care.

Guiding Principles:
• All children should have equal access to safe, healthy, stable, and affordable child care with developmentally appropriate activities in a child oriented environment with trained and loving caregivers.
• Parents retain and must exercise responsibility for assessing, selecting, and continually monitoring child care for their children.
• Butte 4-C’s encourages and assists child care professionals and facilities to achieve their professional goals.
• When judgment calls are required, Butte 4-C’s advocates for the child.
• Butte 4-C’s offers and encourages early childhood education to the community in an effort to promote best practices and high quality child care.


  • Rocko Mulcahy, Chairperson

  • Connie Daily, Vice Chairperson

  • Kathy Davis, Secretary/Treasurer

  • Dala Lean

  • Dana Peterson-Thompson

  • Claire Holman

  • Rosie Garvey

  • Diana Chatriand

Our Staff
Terri Amberg-Executive Director

Terri Amberg Executive Director

Lorena Krause-Finance Manager

Lorena Krause Finance Manager

Karen Cuthill-Receptionist/Program Assistant

Karen Cuthill Receptionist/Program Assistant

Kim Polich-STARS Consultant/PDS

Kim Polich CCR&R Program Manager, STARS Consultant, PDS

Tammy Urich-CACFP Coordinator

Tammy Urich CACFP & Connecting Families Coordinator, PDS

Molly Rios-Professional Development Specialist

Molly Rios Professional Development Specialist

Lynn Piazolla-STARS Coach

Lynn Piazolla STARS Coach

Alex DuBois-Outreach and Communication Specialist

Alex DuBois Outreach and Communication Specialist

Carlyne Johnson-Family Services Supervisor

Carlyne Johnson Family Services Supervisor

Callie Parr-Eligibility Specialist

Callie Parr Eligibility Specialist

Sonja Foster-Family Engagement Specialist

Sonja Foster Family Engagement Specialist

Heather Stenson-SafeCare Family Development Specialist/Circle of Parents Facilitator

Heather Stenson Social Service Programs Manager, Safe Care Family Development Specialist, National Circle of Parents Facilitator

Jessica Roberts-SafeCare Family Development Specialist

Jessica Roberts SafeCare Family Development Specialist

Pat Gruss-SafeCare Family Development Specialist

Pat Gruss SafeCare Family Development Specialist

Chris Cunningham-SafeCare Family Development Specialist

Chris Cunningham SafeCare Family Development Specialist

Barb Fitzpatrick-Circle of Parents Facilitator

Barb Fitzpatrick Circle of Parents Facilitator

Heather Harding-Family Development Specialist

Heather Harding Family Development Specialist

Shelby Anderson-Zero to Five Project Manager

Shelby Anderson Zero to Five Project Manager

Cass Weber-Zero to Five Local Collaboration Coordinator

Cass Weber Zero to Five Local Collaboration Coordinator


Ben Rauch CPR/First Aid Instructor

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