Child Care Providers or Superheroes?

It can be argued that early care and education professionals have the most important job out there. They care, teach, love, and encourage growth of children throughout their most crucial years of development. Here at the Butte 4-C's we recognize and appreciate all the great work these providers do!

During the spread of the Covid-19 virus, the important and essential function of early care and education professionals was elevated. Montana citizens learned quickly that we have to have a solid child care system in place to support the successful function of our communities.

But wait there is more! Beyond the important work that our early care and education professionals do every day, some providers took an extra step to make sure our children are safe and cared for during an emergency. They did this by committing to be a guardian program. You may ask, what in the world is a guardian program?

Guardian programs are licensed child care facilities that offer temporary child care for local relief workers, such as firefighters and emergency responders. They may also assist other temporary facilities with personnel or supplies during a major emergency. These programs have a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Butte 4-C's. Each program has an emergency preparedness plan in place and is ready to act quickly to support the unique needs that are presented during all types of emergencies.

The Butte 4-C's would like to recognize the programs that signed up to be guardian programs during the coronavirus pandemic. These programs did not hesitate to put the needs of the children and the community at the forefront, even facing a new and unknown emergency. We would like to recognize:

Kelley Rauch: Rowdy Rascals

Shelly Fischer: University on Princeton, Kidz Konnection, Young Explorers

Erin Briney: Kidventures

Tammy Peters: Country Bumpkin Daycare

Kim Sevalstad: A Little Monkey Business

Lee Ann Butt: Lee Ann Butt Licensed Home Child Care

Thank you for committing your time and efforts as a guardian program!


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