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/Sign-Out Sheets

Sign-in/sign-out sheet are an important part of a child care provider's everyday operations. Read below as we take a deeper look into the role sign-in/sign-out sheets play in your business.

Why are accurate sign-in/sign-out sheets important?

  1. Safety: In the event of an emergency, emergency personnel should be able to come into a facility at any time and be able to refer to the sign-in/sign-out sheet to quickly identify what children are in attendance.

  2. Best Beginnings: If your facility receives Best Beginnings Child Care Scholarship payments, the sign-in/sign-out sheets must accurately reflect the child's attendance. If it does not, payments may not be issued.

  3. CACFP: If your facility participates in the CACFP, sign-in/sign-out sheets must accurately reflect the meals claimed. If they do not, reimbursements will be taken back.

  4. Documentation: In the event there has been a billing error, confusion around pick-up or drop-off, or any other situations that may arise, attendance documentation can easily be referred to!

How should sign-in/sign-out sheets be filled out?

  • One sheet should be used each day

  • All children should be listed on one sheet

  • The adult signing the child in or out must include:

  • First and last name of the child(ren)

  • Time of drop off or pick up

  • Signature

  • Click HERE for an example.

Best Beginnings Child Care Scholarship

Below you will find the #9 Provider Responsibility signed by all providers that accept the Best Beginnings Child Care Scholarship.

It is my responsibility to maintain current sign-in/sign-out records for each child on the Best Beginnings Child Care Scholarship program attending the program.

  • I shall have the parent or other individual who is authorized to drop off or pick up the child initial or sign the sign-in/sign-out record, each time the child enters or leaves the facility in which care is being provided.-*Providers are not considered an authorized person for the purposes of sign in/out records because these records are used as verification from the parent for payment purposes.

  • A provider may sign a child in when a child comes directly from school to a child care facility.

  • An electronic signature system many be used if it employs a unique and confidential identification process for individuals.

  • I will make sign-in/sign-out records available to CCR&R agency staff and state and local government health, safety, or law enforcement representatives upon request.

  • I will keep sign-in/sign-out records for five years beyond the date of attendance

  • Sign-in/sign-out records must indicate the child's name, the date, the hour, and the minute when the child enters and leaves the facility in which care is provided.


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