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Exchange Parent Aid

What is Exchange Parent Aide

An evidence-based model, implemented in Child Abuse Prevention. 

Accredited by the National Exchange Club, the Parent Aide Program partners with local families to match them with a positive Parent Aide mentor who can help them understand their options, build self-confidence and coping skills to manage daily stresses, access community supports and local resources. Once enrolled in the program, the family will engage in weekly visits for a period of 6 – 12 months with the ultimate goal of keeping the family SAFE, STRONG AND TOGETHER!

A family plan focusing on the program's four goal areas:

  • Assure Child Safety

  • Improve Problem Solving Skills

  • Improve Parenting Skills

  • Enhance Social Support


Program Structure

  • 6-12 months of In-Home parent education. 

  • Free and volunteer basis

  • We provide:

    • Training

    • Accreditation

    • Technical Support

    • Development and Management guidance

    • Other supportive service

Parent Aides are trained, professionally supervised individuals (paid and volunteer) who provide supportive and educational, in-home services to families at-risk of child abuse and neglect. Exchange Parent Aides act as mentors and provide intensive support, information, and modeling of effective parenting — all in the home of the family. Services are family centered and focus on: 

  • Parental resilience is developed through teaching problem solving skills, modeling effective parenting, providing 24/7 support and referrals to services.

  • Knowledge of parenting and child development is encouraged and developed through sharing skills and modeling strategies. Individualized help is provided in the home with the children.

  • Social connections are developed and fostered through social-support, building the individual relationship and connecting the parents to others through group meetings, activities, and referrals.

  • Social-emotional competence of children is developed through strengthening of the nurturing capabilities of the family; interaction of parents with the children is observed and modeling is provided for support of the children’s competence.

  • Ensuring safety of the children, including attention to medical, dental, and mental health care needs, as well as safe housing and freedom from child abuse, neglect, and domestic violence.

Who Can Participate? 

  • Any Parent needing or wanting assistance. 

  • Any family with children between the ages of 0 and 17.

  • No Income guidelines required.

  •  All services are voluntary and free to participants

How do I Sign Up? 

  • Referrals can come from a variety of places:

    • Community Partner​
    • Self-Referral
    • Download the Referral form below, fill it out and send it back to us! 


      Fax: 406-723-6982

Exchange Club History


Americanism, Community Service, Youth Activities and our national project, the Prevention of Child of Abuse

The Butte Exchange Club was established in 1923 and chartered by the National Exchange Club in 1924. Since its inception the Butte Exchange Club has worked to improve our community. Some early projects include building and initially operating the Butte Municipal Golf Course in 1927, installing the first landing lights in 1928 at the Butte Airport and purchasing and installing the first traffic light in the City at the corner of Park and Montana Street in 1930.  The World Museum of Mining was established by the Club in 1963 and continues to receive support and assistance from the Club today.


For more information or to make a referral contact us today! 

Chris Cunningham


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