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Butte 4-C’s is a non-profit regional child care resource and referral agency serving children, families, and early childhood professionals in southwest Montana. We became a 501 (c) 3 organization over 45 years ago in June of 1974. Although child care resource and referral is our primary source of business, our organization provides a broad range of programs and services to meet the increasing needs of children and families.



Butte 4-C’s is dedicated to strengthening families, supporting early childhood professionals, and promoting high quality, affordable child care.

Guiding Principles

  1. All children should have equal access to safe, healthy, stable, and affordable child care with developmentally appropriate activities in a child oriented environment with trained and loving caregivers.

  2. Parents retain and must exercise responsibility for assessing, selecting, and continually monitoring child care for their children.

  3. Butte 4-C’s encourages and assists child care professionals and facilities to achieve their professional goals.

  4. When judgment calls are required, Butte 4-C’s advocates for the child.

  5. Butte 4-C’s offers and encourages early childhood education to the community in an effort to promote best practices and high quality child care.

Board of Directors

  • Rocko Mulcahy, Chairperson

  • Connie Daily, Vice Chairperson

  • Kathy Davis, Secretary/Treasurer

  • Dala Lean

  • Dana Peterson-Thompson

  • Claire Holman

  • Rosie Garvey

  • Diana Chatriand

Meet Our Team

Terri Amberg-Executive Director

Terri Amberg Executive Director

Lorena Krause-Finance Manager

Lorena Krause Finance Manager

Karen Cuthill-Receptionist/Program Assistant

Karen Cuthill Receptionist/Program Assistant

Kim Polich-STARS Consultant/PDS

Kim Polich CCR&R Program Manager, STARS Consultant, PDS

Tammy Urich-CACFP Coordinator

Tammy Urich CACFP & Connecting Families Coordinator, PDS

Molly Rios-Professional Development Specialist

Molly Rios Professional Development Specialist

Lynn Piazolla-STARS Coach

Lynn Piazolla STARS Coach

Alex DuBois-Outreach and Communication Specialist

Alex DuBois Outreach and Communication Specialist

Carlyne Johnson-Family Services Supervisor

Carlyne Johnson Family Services Supervisor

Callie Parr-Eligibility Specialist

Callie Parr Eligibility Specialist

Mikel Kelley

Mikel Kelley Eligibility Specialist

Sonja Foster-Family Engagement Specialist

Sonja Foster Family Engagement Specialist

Heather Stenson-SafeCare Family Development Specialist/Circle of Parents Facilitator

Heather Stenson Social Service Programs Manager, Safe Care Family Development Specialist, National Circle of Parents Facilitator

Jessica Roberts-SafeCare Family Development Specialist

Jessica Roberts SafeCare Family Development Specialist

Pat Gruss-SafeCare Family Development Specialist

Pat Gruss SafeCare Family Development Specialist

Chris Cunningham-SafeCare Family Development Specialist

Chris Cunningham SafeCare Family Development Specialist

Cass Weber-Zero to Five Local Collaboration Coordinator

Cass Weber Zero to Five Local Collaboration Coordinator

Shelby Anderson-Zero to Five Project Manager

Shelby Anderson Zero to Five Project Manager

Amoreena Bercier

Amoreena Bercier Family Development Specialist

Barb Fitzpatrick-Circle of Parents Facilitator

Barb Fitzpatrick Circle of Parents Facilitator


Ben Rauch CPR/First Aid Instructor