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3/7/24: Recall Creativity Street Foam Pattern Rollers

Recalled May 2, 2024

Creativity street foam pattern rollers have been recalled due to the handles containing levels of lead that exceed the federal lead content ban. 

To learn more, please visit:























3/7/24: Economic Impact Survey

If you have not yet completed the Economic Impact Survey please do so. Below is the link to the PROPOSED rule changes and the economic impact survey. It may be helpful to have these rules up so you can reference them in during your survey. 



2/15/24: Provider Rate Increase

Provider rates are increasing!

Find the new rates HERE

Find the Provider Rate Form HERE

The provider rate form needs to be into the Butte 4-C's office no later then Friday, February 23rd to ensure payment with new rates March 1.

2/2/24: February & March Provider Newsletter

Click HERE to read our provider Newsletter

12/27/23: CPR Price Increase

With the new year, the price of CPR cards is going up. Starting January 1, 2024 CPR class will increase $2. The cost will be $68/participant. Spots are limited and fill up fast! call the Butte 4-Cs office at 406-723-4019 to sign up. 

12/20/23: Sign In/Out

  • If you have kids coming and going throughout the day please make sure you are signing the in and out EACH time the come in the door or leave the door. You may need to use two lines for these kids. 

  • Here is the states new Sign IN/OUT sheet 

12/20/23: Recall Notices 

  • Quaker Recalls Granola Bars and Granola Cereals Due to Possible Health Risk

    • Company Announcement

    • CHICAGO, Illinois – December 15, 2023 – The Quaker Oats Company today announced the recall of specific granola bars and granola cereals listed below because they have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella, an organism which can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems. Healthy persons infected with Salmonella often experience fever, diarrhea (which may be bloody), nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. In rare circumstances, infection with Salmonella can result in the organism getting into the bloodstream and producing more severe illnesses such as arterial infections (i.e., infected aneurysms), endocarditis and arthritis.

    • The products listed below are sold throughout the 50 United States, Puerto Rico, Guam and Saipan. Consumers should check their pantries for any of the products listed below and dispose of them. Additionally, consumers with any product noted below can contact Quaker Consumer Relations (9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. CST, Mon.-Fri.) at 1-800-492-9322 or visit www.quakergranolarecall.comExternal Link Disclaimer for additional information or product reimbursement.

    • To date, Quaker has received no confirmed reports of illness related to the products covered by this recall. Quaker has informed the FDA of our actions.

    • This recall ONLY APPLIES to the specific products below. NO OTHER Quaker products are impacted.

    • "For more information, please reference this PDF."

  • DPHHS Urges Montanans to Check Their Homes, Discard Recalled Products

    • Federal, state, and local officials are urging Montanans to check their homes, child care facilities, and schools for the recalled cinnamon-containing applesauce or apple puree products (listed below) and discard them immediately.

    • The Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) also urges medical providers to continue to monitor for possible cases of lead poisoning in children potentially associated with consuming the recalled products.

    • According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there have been 57 reports of adverse events (e.g., person with symptoms or exposure to this product) potentially linked to tainted pouches of cinnamon apple puree and applesauce in 26 states, as of November 30, 2023.

    • The following were recalled by the FDA due to reports of elevated levels of lead found in certain units of the products:

    • WanaBana brand apple cinnamon fruit purée pouches

    • Schnucks brand cinnamon applesauce pouches

    • Weis brand cinnamon applesauce pouches 

    • According to the FDA and DPHHS, these products were sold at 19 Dollar Tree stores in Montana prior to the recall announcement and have been removed from all of these locations across the state.

    • These products are also sold and available nationally through multiple retailers, including Amazon and other online outlets. At least one purchase from an online source has been reported in Montana.

    • Montana is not among the 26 states with confirmed cases reported by the FDA; however, DPHHS and local public health officials are currently investigating four reports of children with elevated blood levels who also reported consuming the recalled products.

    • “These products have a long shelf life, so consumers are advised to check their homes and discard these products.” said Dr. Maggie Cook-Shimanek, Public Health Physician at DPHHS. “If you think your child may have consumed recalled fruit pouches, you should talk to your child’s health care provider about getting a blood test for lead.”

    • There is no safe level of lead exposure, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) uses a marker of 3.5 micrograms per deciliter to identify children with blood lead levels higher than most.

    • In this outbreak, the reported symptoms of children with lead poisoning may include, but are not limited to, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, a change in activity level and anemia.

    • Cook-Shimanek said children are more vulnerable to lead poisoning than adults because their nervous systems are still developing. Although children with lead exposure may have no apparent acute symptoms, even low levels have been associated with learning, behavioral, and cognitive effects.

    • More information HERE

10/18/23: Child Care Licensing Update 


  • Attached HERE is the officially sanctioned communication around the 10.1.2023MCA changes to childcare. 

  • In this letter there is communication around the 2023 Legislation Session Laws: 

    • HB 336 provides DPHHS recognition for child care providers that are licensed by a branch of hte United States Armed Forces.​

    • HB 556 increases the number of children a person may provide care for without a registration certificate

    • HB 422 updates ratios for child care centers

    • HB 715 immunization exemption on religious grounds

11/2/21: CCL: Change of Capacity Application

  • Center, Family, and Group child care capacity has changed. The new capacity rules are as follows:

    • "Day-care center" means an out-of-home place in which day care is provided to 16 or more children on a regular or irregular basis.

    • "Family day-care home" means a private residence in which day care is provided to three to eight children on a regular basis. Maximum three children under the age of two.

    • "Group day-care home" means a private residence or other structure in which day care is provided to 9 to 15 children on a regular basis. Maximum six children under the age of two unless there is only one caregiver which it would be three children under the age of two.

  • The Change in Capacity Application can be accessed HERE. For an application to be complete it MUST include an Insurance Verification Form and Square Footage Report/Floor Plan.

    • The Square Footage Report/Floor Plan can be accessed HERE.

    • The Insurance Verification Form can be accessed HERE.

    • The Change of Status form can be accessed HERE.

    • The Overlap Care Application can be accessed HERE.

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