Child & Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)

Children's Cooking Class

What is the CACFP?

The USDA CACFP is sponsored locally by the Butte 4-C's. Their primary goal is to improve the nutritional intake of children in child care facilities and to give nutrition training to child care providers. 
Providers who participate in the CACFP are responsible for feeding children in child care homes wholesome and attractive meals that meet children's nutritional needs. Meal time should be a pleasant and social experience that promotes making wise food choices. 
The way a child accepts food is determined by early eating habits. 
Benefits to Children:
  • They will receive nutritious meals and snacks
  • They will participate in healthy meal time activities
  • They will learn about eating habits that will help them learn and grow today and reach their full potential for the future
Benefits to Providers:
  • They will receive reimbursement for nutritious meals and snacks
  • They will receive nutrition and activity training
  • They will receive child care and administrative training
Benefits to Parents:
  • They will not have to provide any food for their child(ren) in child care
  • They will not be charged for foods served at child care
  • Assurance children will receive well-balanced meals and snacks

How do I apply?

Family or Group Child Care Provider
You will contact us at the Butte 4-C's to get started on the CACFP. Our CACFP Coordinator will provide you with everything you need to get started right away. 
Child Care Center, Head Start, or After School Provider
You will apply through the state of Montana. Visit HERE to get more information. 

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